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A Brief Welcome to Bliss Knife Works

Bliss Knife Works is one of the largest Damascus steel product companies in the world. We are committed to making a high quality tool that you use and treasure. Our knives define the idea of functional art. Some people buy our products purely for their artistic appeal; they are beautifully unique but they are more. A Bliss knife is a carefully crafted tool designed for a particular role and built to last a lifetime with proper care. Bliss Knife Works in the United States holds to the same standard of quality and integrity we have set around the world. Bliss refuses to offer lesser quality. As experts in Damascus steel, we know that our knives are the best. Our tools hold an edge longer because we only use high quality materials to make them.

We see our customers in the same light. They are discerning buyers; they first look for quality. We owe them that quality because they expect it. Every single blade we produce is tailored to a specific customer. Second, our clients balance that quality against the price to establish their personal value of the product. High quality at a competitive price creates high value for the customer. We price our products competitively. We know our clients are as serious about their knives as we are in making them. That is our passion.  Buy one Bliss product and you will buy more.


Our passion is to create quality tools. Our raison d'etre is to bring that quality to you. Our quest was to find the right materials for those tools. Only Damascus steel would do.

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Damascus steel separates the artisan from tool maker when it comes to cutlery. Anyone can shape and sharpen a cutting tool. These days such products can be stamped out, edged, and shipped in minutes. Their cutting edge will last just about as long. They all look the same.

Damascus steel grants the knife artisan the critical element to create an enduring tool that will hold an extremely sharp edge. The artisan uses the unique characteristics of Damascus steel to build unmatched functionality into every blade. Each knife achieves the critical standards of durability, resiliency, and keenness.  The art of layering Damascus steel creates beauty in carbon steel. Our knives are unique works of art that far exceed common functional requirements. Their beauty will entrance you. Their performance will capture you. Their durability offers lifelong utility.



Function-driven, well-researched designs excel in their intended use

Steel Options

Forging layers provide function and vary according to the style of the blade, its intended use, and its balance. Different patterns including Raindrop, Twist, Firestorm, Feather, and Ladder, provide each client multiple choices.


We use walnut, redwood, and G10 for our knife handles.

Cases and Sheaths

The Heritage set comes in a black leather bi-fold case. Kitchen sets include a brown roll up case. All other single knives come with a leather sheath available in black or brown.

Time Lines

Knives in stock will ship in 1-2 business days, any items out of stock will take an additional 1-2 weeks before shipping.

The most affordable high-end Damascus products on the market