Ultimate 12″ Fork


  • Military Grade G10 Handle
  • Brass Pins
  • Full-Tang
  • 3″ Forks
  • Twist Damascus Steel Pattern
  • 12″ Overall Length
  • 6 Ounce Total Weight
  • Precision Forged From Single Damascus Billet
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So if you have a beautiful Damascus steel knife for carving, wouldn’t you want a companion Damascus fork to go with it? Our Ultimate 12” fork is just the ticket.

  1. Comfortable in the hand. The handle design on the 12″ Fork is designed to be comfortable as possible when in use. It is long enough for very large hands and since the G10 handle runs the whole length of the handle, it will fit small hands equally well.
  2. Fixed prongs with full tang design. Every good kitchen fork should feature a full-tang design. This ensures ultimate strength and performance. It also provides the knife with a lifelong guarantee.
  3. Manageable, functional prongs. The Ultimate fork features three, 3″ prongs. The ends are reasonably sharp to pierce things as required. They are great when carving a turkey or simply moving ingredients around the kitchen. Ultimately the 3″ prongs make the fork a very versatile tool.
  4. High carbon steel. As we have done for years, we make these prongs from fine Damascus steel layered to blend of the steels and maximize flexibility and durability. Our blend holds an edge longer than other brands. One reminder, with high carbon steel you must keep this tool dry while storing otherwise it will rust. You must remember to keep a rag and oil in your kit for maintain the blade. If there is to ever be a slight rust issue it is easily fixed with light sanding.
  5. Leather case. Bliss recently announced all culinary knives will be featuring a simple leather sheath for safe keeping. This will provide the fork with safe storage so that it can be used for years to come without damage.

These forks are made to order and take approximately 3-5 weeks until it is finished.

We at Bliss Knife Works fully stand behind every knife with the guarantee that it will last forever.  That is our promise in bringing you the highest quality products available.  (See our warranty and disclaimer here).

This fork, if maintained well, will last a lifetime. (See care recommendations here).

Ultimate Fork
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