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This SK-285 isn’t the modern day survival knife you see in stores. It doesn’t have a compass or a nifty little compartment in the handle to store matches or fishing line. Reason being, those knives are not true survival knives. Those knives are cute little toys you eventually throw away. We designed a knife that will last and get you through a serious situation or just be your useful companion in everyday life.

A survival knife has to meet certain functional requirements.

  1. Comfortable in the hand. We chose a rounded handle made of laminated wood and spaced, for aesthetic purposes, by white spacers. It has a bulge in the middle of the handle to fit the hand well. No matter for what use you are using the knife or which position, it feels comfortable in the hand.
  2. Fixed blade with full tang design. While the steel width is decreased slightly to allow for the full round handle we have left enough continuous mass to ensure a rugged, capable handle for long term tough use.
  3. A solid pommel. The pommel on this knife is ½” thick Damascus steel capable of hammering tent stakes, cracking open nuts, smashing items against a rock, and also for driving the blade into any needed object.
  4. Manageable, functional blades. This blade is 6-1/2 inches in length. This length allows you to drive the knife into wood to split for fire wood or shelter battening while having enough remaining out to use a rock or small log to drive the blade all the way through the piece easily. It’s not so long that it is too cumbersome for other uses such as carving spear points, snare sets, fish gigs, etc.
  5. High carbon steel. As we have done for years, we make these knives from fine Damascus steel layered to blend of the steels and maximize flexibility and durability. Our blend holds an edge longer than other brands. One reminder, with high carbon steel you must keep this blade dry while storing otherwise it will rust. You must remember to keep a rag and oil in your kit for maintain the blade. If there is to ever be a slight rust issue it is easily fixed with light sanding.
  6. Sharp point. A true survival knife has a sharp point to make it functional as a defense weapon, an awl for leather work, or a punch by hammering on the pommel to force the point through material.
  7. 90 degree edge on spine with jimping. This element is critical for making fires. With your ferro rod and this jimped spine you can get your fires going easy. The raised catch edge allows for dragging across bark to process a good tinder bundle fast and easy.
  8. A thick blade. This 3/16” thick blade is super strong to withstand prolonged hammering and prying. The serration edge is designed to dig deep fast and with wide grooves capable of easy sharpening in the field.
  9. Leather case. The SK-285 comes with a leather sheath with a belt loop if you prefer that way of carrying. The leather case can still be used to safely store the knife.

These knives are made to order and take approximately 3-5 weeks to be finished.

We at Bliss Knife Works fully stand behind every knife with the guarantee that its craftsmanship will last forever.  That is our promise in bringing you the highest quality knives available.  (See our warranty and disclaimer here).

This knife, if maintained well, will last a lifetime. (See care recommendations here).


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  • Laminated Wood Handle
  • 6-1/2″ Blade
  • Twist Damascus Steel Pattern
  • 11″ Overall Length
  • Damascus Stop Bolster and Butt
  • 4-1/2″ Handle
  • 12 Ounce Total Weight
  • Leather Case Included
  • Precision Forged From Single Damascus Billet

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2 reviews for SK-285

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    This knife travels with me on my Adventure off-road motorcycle and on all camping trips. A true useful tool for your outdoor knife needs. Built for a lifetime.

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    I love this knife. The weight distribution is really nice. The look and feel of it is great. It’s tough looking and even tougher in action.

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