Presnell Walnut Cutting Board 1

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Indianapolis artist Brian Presnell crafted these cutting boards. This one is made from solid walnut slab with a 3/8″ diameter aluminum handle. The wood has been conditioned but will need ongoing maintenance as all cutting boards do. You can do this with any cooking oil or a food safe conditioner of your choice.

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All cutting boards are sold “as is”.  These cutting boards are made from single slab 3/4″-7/8″ thick pieces of walnut and may have natural defects in the wood caused by natural drying of the wood.  Such defects of character may be grain separation, cracks, checking etc. These character traits remain based on the discretion of the artist.

This natural wood will need regular oiling to maintain it’s integrity.  Regularly clean the board and after it is completely dry apply cooking oil (or other comparable food based product) with a paper tool or rag. Rub the oil into the grain until there is no remaining wet areas standing on the surface.


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