Bliss Ultimate Set


All knives include…

  • Black G10 Handle
  • Mosaic Pins
  • Full-Tang
  • 4″ Pairing Knife
  • 7-1/2″ Santoku
  • 9″ Chef Knife
  • 7-1/2″ Cleaver
  • 6″ Petite Chef
  • 7″ Boning Knife
  • Brass Guard And Butts
  • Twist Damascus Pattern
  • Precision Forged From Single Damascus Billets


Introducing the ultimate Bliss kitchen set. This set is put together for the serious chef, it includes every knife you will ever need in the kitchen. You can put these knives to serious work or simply admire them for their outstanding beauty. This set is for the ones who will do with nothing less than the best.

  1. Comfortable in the hand. The Bliss handle design is one widely loved. Chefs around the world prefer this handle because it accommodates hands large and small hands without straining the wrist. The handle is triple riveted with a brass bolster and butt for ultimate strength and sculpted to lock the hand in place for safety.
  2. Fixed blade with full tang design. Every good kitchen knife should feature a full-tang design. This ensures ultimate strength and performance. It also provides the knife with a lifelong guarantee.
  3. Manageable, functional blades. The Ultimate set features 6 handcrafted, full-tang Damascus Twist blades. This set will cover all of your kitchen needs, it has the appropriate blade for any occasion. Not only do these knives perform better than any other brand, they look much better and will last longer. Our obsession in providing top quality knives shows in this collection.
  4. High carbon steel. As we have done for years, we make these knives from fine Damascus steel layered to blend of the steels and maximize flexibility and durability. Our blend holds an edge longer than other brands. One reminder, with high carbon steel you must keep this blade dry while storing otherwise it will rust. You must remember to keep a rag and oil in your kit for maintain the blade. If there is to ever be a slight rust issue it is easily fixed with light sanding.
  5. Leather case. Bliss recently announced that all cutlery knives will feature leather casing. The Ultimate set includes a large 6 in in 1 roll up case, this means the knives will be able to be safely stored for years to come.

These knives are made to order and take approximately 3-5 weeks until they are finished.

We at Bliss Knife Works fully stand behind every knife with the guarantee that it will last forever.  That is our promise in bringing you the highest quality knives available.  (See our warranty and disclaimer here).

This knife, if maintained well, will last a lifetime. (See care recommendations here).

Bliss Ultimate Set
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