Written by Maria Zarah

Happy clients, happy employees.

We have been receiving amazing feedback from everyone ordering knives. We are so thrilled to provide a wonderful product that people will be able to enjoy for a lifetime. We have loved reading the testimonials and reviews clients have provided. It truly means the world to us here. Thank you all! Below is one we recently received. Carl now owns a full Bliss set.

Recently I started researching for a good set of Knives for my kitchen, the company “Bliss” kept coming up in my searches. When I started my reviews of them I liked everything I was reading, and compared to other knife companies, in my opinion they seemed be superior. Since my son in laws birthday was coming up I decided to use him as a guinea pig. WOW, is he ever getting a great birthday present; and I am ordering myself a nice set of 4, which I want.

High quality, great warranty, custom made when you order, razor sharp, Damascus steel, and aesthetics beyond anything I had seen. When I received my knife it was beyond my expectations, the balance for the chefs knife was just perfect in my hand. My dealings with Bliss weret he way customer service should be, we exchanged several emails and they were answered in a very timely fashion, something you don’t see much of today. They checked in with me several times to make sure I would receive my knife before my son in laws birthday. Delivered two days earlier than they originally said it would be.

On a scale of 1-10 they are a 10+, one of the best companies I have dealt with in a long time and a quality product. Don’t let price scare you, worth every penny you spend on their knives.

I would rate this company and knife—5 stars.

Carl Sale