Written by Maria Zarah

Serious Collector

We would like to extend a special thanks to Paul Phillips, he is one of many well loved clients here. He owns more Bliss Knives than anyone else. The photo shown is the majority of his collection. It is still missing around 4 more knives. We are grateful to have clients like this. We love every one of you!

Written by Maria Zarah

Chef Chris Young

Meet the Chef behind the D2 Stainless Bliss set. Chris is a very well known Chef in Panama and we were very interested in working with him on creating a new knife set. He preferred the D2 stainless since it is lower maintenance, when you work in a kitchen as busy as his you need knives that can take punishment. Soon Bliss Knife Works will be unveiling a food blog where Chefs such as Chris and others will be posting their work and recipes for all to read. They will provide you with professional to improve your performance in the kitchen. The kitchen set is available on our website for order.

Written by Maria Zarah

Happy clients, happy employees.

We have been receiving amazing feedback from everyone ordering knives. We are so thrilled to provide a wonderful product that people will be able to enjoy for a lifetime. We have loved reading the testimonials and reviews clients have provided. It truly means the world to us here. Thank you all! Below is one we recently received. Carl now owns a full Bliss set.

Recently I started researching for a good set of Knives for my kitchen, the company “Bliss” kept coming up in my searches. When I started my reviews of them I liked everything I was reading, and compared to other knife companies, in my opinion they seemed be superior. Since my son in laws birthday was coming up I decided to use him as a guinea pig. WOW, is he ever getting a great birthday present; and I am ordering myself a nice set of 4, which I want.

High quality, great warranty, custom made when you order, razor sharp, Damascus steel, and aesthetics beyond anything I had seen. When I received my knife it was beyond my expectations, the balance for the chefs knife was just perfect in my hand. My dealings with Bliss weret he way customer service should be, we exchanged several emails and they were answered in a very timely fashion, something you don’t see much of today. They checked in with me several times to make sure I would receive my knife before my son in laws birthday. Delivered two days earlier than they originally said it would be.

On a scale of 1-10 they are a 10+, one of the best companies I have dealt with in a long time and a quality product. Don’t let price scare you, worth every penny you spend on their knives.

I would rate this company and knife—5 stars.

Carl Sale

Written by Maria Zarah

Benefits of Damascus Blades

From a view of strength and durability, such a multi-layer structure as Damascus can not simply be said “no meaning”.

Before discussion of Damascus, we have to start from the benefit of multi-layer blades. The benefit of the sandwiching structure is to strike a balance both the harder & sharper edge and better durability of the entire blade.
The most simple multi-layer blades have a three layer structure, made of a hard steel core that is sandwiched by soft (resilient) steel so that the hard core is exposed only at the cutting edge. That realizes better durability or chip-resistance.
* Hard steel core is generally easier to be chipped, that’s why the sandwich structure can be a good solution.

One of the applied approach of the multi-layer blades eventually leads to a Damascus pattern. Therefore, such a multi-layer structure can not simply be said “no meaning“ from a view of strength and durability. Many sandwich outer layers covering the center core realize the unique Damascus pattern for each knife. You can get only one design of the blade in the world. Therefore Damascus knives are much recommended as a gift as well as just for better cooking or hunting experience. One demerit of the Damascus knives is the cost because of additional production process.

So now you see why Damascus is recommended for a better cooking or hunting experience. It takes the best and worst qualities of different kinds of steel and uses them to create a stronger, more durable knife. All of our blades are made as described above, hence the higher pricing. It takes countless hours of labor to produce one single blade, but a lifetime guarantee can ensure that your money is well spent. If you have yet to own a well made, hand crafted Bliss knife we urge you to order today. We will make sure you are satisfied in every way possible.


Credit for the article above goes to sushiknife.jp

Written by Maria Zarah

More Handcrafted Designs

As you may have seen, we recently introduced a limited design we call the Toucan. This really has been an amazing example of just what we are capable of doing in our knives. We spend countless hours on each knife to make sure they look their very best. There are only five of the Toucan designs made, two of which are already sold. We are so joyed to have clients own something that we put our heart into.

Written by Maria Zarah

We at Bliss Knife Works are working on a signature Pirate knife selection, we will feature larger, more exotic blades that will reflect the old pirate ways. The knives will most likely be larger. We can’t wait to unveil more designs!

Written by Maria Zarah

Check Ins

After checking in with some of our clients thye have reported that the knives are worth every penny they spent! Owning good kitchen knives is an investment for any cook or even professional Chef. That is why when you invest in a Bliss knife, you’re investing right!

Written by Maria Zarah

More Satisfied Customers

We at Bliss Knife Works have always been proud to maintain a 100% customer satisfaction, we are humbled everytime we receive an email or comment from a client with an uplifting message. Here is an example of a client who ordered the Santoku as a gift:

Hey there!

My sister received her knife today. It blew her mind! She loves it!   The quality and beauty are INCREDIBLE. I will definitely order a couple of your full kitchen sets as soon funds allow. Thank you so much!!!
Jim Todd
Written by Maria Zarah

Satisfied Client

Mr. Seafross with his Classic Chef, one of the many repeat customers from Bliss Knife Works.

Written by Maria Zarah

Happy Clients

We have been sending a lot of knives to clients around the world lately. We deeply appreciate all the orders from everyone. We also like to admit that every customer has been satisfied with their purchase! We are very happy to work with everyone and we hope to continue to work with more and more clients. Every client appreciates the 10 minute response time Bliss Knife Works is known for, as well as the ability to go above and beyond with our customer satisfaction.  As one of the largest Damascus knife companies we feel it is our duty to always strive for perfection. We hope to work with you soon!