Written by Maria Zarah

Steve Bliss – Signature – BT-247

We make a knife we call the BT-247. It’s a great skinner that was inspired by a client who works at Buffalo Trace Distillery. It is one of our best sellers as it is a great EDC that works well on so many fronts. Well the other day I was looking at that knife design and starting wondering if I could improve on if and make a compact gut hook model.  So I began to get dirty.
In good conscious I must disclose my personal views on gut hooks.  I don’t care for them.  I grew up gutting using a blade between my fingers and I always will.  That’s not to say that the hook doesn’t work, it does  but it needs to maintained well and to do that takes a patient sort of fellow who bought a gut hook sharpener like this here.   Moving on…

I started with our BT-247 template and laid out  the hook placement then drilled and formed the blade accordingly. Once I had the form and grind in place I acid etched the Damascus. I’m a fan of the firestorm pattern so that is what I used.  Once I etched it I saw a couple spots I wasn’t happy with so I remanded the blade. While sanding I had an idea. I have been playing with a way to infuse copper into the high nickel content areas of the blade and thought I’d give it a go on this one.  Seems to have turned out well.  I buffed the steel pretty hard to check the depth of penetration and I think I’m onto something interesting.  Traditional Damascus is cool and draws a lot of attention to a nice knife but this is a “double take” sort of attention.  I’ll be interested in your feedback.

For the handle I wanted something unique.  I have a personal bag of rare woods I have been toting around from country to country so I dumped out my stash on the shop table and see what might work.  There was this one piece that I found somewhere that escapes my mind.  It s so old it sounds like a piece of steel when you tap on it.  Almost petrified. I think it was from Africa and is some form of black ebony. Anyway, I cut and worked it into submission to the form of the knife.

To pin this thing I decided to use 5/32″ diameter brass.  I like the subtle approach personally and I tend toward the classic style in my work.

This one of a kind exotic knife is listed for sale here. Feel free to contact me if you want something custom as I enjoy designing for the needs of our clients.

I’ll place some images below of the process and knife for your viewing pleasure.  I hope you like the outcome.




Written by Maria Zarah

More Handcrafted Designs

As you may have seen, we recently introduced a limited design we call the Toucan. This really has been an amazing example of just what we are capable of doing in our knives. We spend countless hours on each knife to make sure they look their very best. There are only five of the Toucan designs made, two of which are already sold. We are so joyed to have clients own something that we put our heart into.