Learn more about our company and our history

BKW products are handcrafted using only the finest of materials sought out from all over our world. Currently, all of our products are designed by someone in the Bliss family from Indianapolis, Indiana USA. Our mission and passion is to create products with timeless design and unmatched durability at the best possible value to our clients.

The Bliss family has been known for quality craftsmanship throughout the world. Many quality items such as fine furniture, hand worked metal, masonry, and exquisite paintings bear the ‘Bliss’ makers mark. This rich history is a direct influence to our work at BKW. We believe in making quality knives that will outlast generations of owners.

BKW is one of the largest producers of fine Damascus steel cutlery in the world. Our clients continually testify to our quality craftsmanship and business integrity. Many of our products are becoming collectables as our work blurs the line between functional tools and magnificent art.

Ancient Traditions

The type of steel we use is named after the city of Damascus in Syria where the tradition of folding layers of steel began.

Heritage Knives

Not only will these high quality be passed on from generation to generation, but so will the memories that accompany them.

Mystical Strength

Damascus steel is known to cut through rifle barrels and is capable of holding such a sharp edge that even a free falling hair would be cut in half across the blade.

Damascus Renaissance

With the art of forging this steel being lost around 1750s due to lack of skilled craftsman. We are proud to bring it back with the BKW collection.


The most amazing thing about these knives are the conversations that come from owning one.  Whether you want a specific set for butchering or daily kitchen use they will become points of discussion with everyone who sees them.